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A large amount of newly discovered (roughly 90%) and approved (roughly 40%) small molecule drugs suffer from poor solubility, which limits their effectiveness when delivered orally due to poor absorption from the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. While new drugs are prone to delays (roughly 80%) or even discontinuation (roughly 30%), approved drugs fail to live up to their therapeutic potential due to inferior efficacy, severe side effects, or both. Considering the low success rate (< 10%) of clinical validation across the pharmaceutical industry, improvements must be made to maximize the therapeutic potential of these precious, life-saving therapeutics. 

The Problem

Current solubility-enhancing oral drug delivery technologies are compatible with a limited range of drug physicochemical properties (see the chart below). By contrast, VeraMorph's DPOD platform is a nearly universally compatible oral drug delivery system that simplifies the process of formulation optimization and achieves solubility enhancement independent of scale.

Formulation space schematic - simple-new.png
The Solution

The limited compatibility of current technologies creates financial and clinical risk by forcing formulation scientists to evaluate several formulations of multiple technologies en-route to optimizing drug solubility enhancement and oral solid dosage stability and drug loading. The DPOD platform facilitates rapid optimization of a commercially viable oral dosage early in pre-clinical development that minimizes time to proof of concept (PoC) and first in human (FIH) data, and therefore financial and clinical risk, while maximizing the likelihood of successful clinical translation with superior solubility-enhancement performance. 

Product Development Route Comparison.png
Formulation Optimization
Rapid Clinical Trial Supply

VeraMorph leverages its innovative oral drug delivery platform technology to rapidly design effective oral dosages of a given drug substance to generate pre-clinical proof of concept data. 

VeraMorph has transferred the manufacturing know-how on the platform technology to strategic CMO partners' with GMP production capacity to enable rapid scale-up and clinical translation of new oral dosage formulations. We recommend engaging VeraMorph as early as possible in the product lifecycle to maximize the benefits of the DPOD platform to improve and accelerate clinical translation. 

Formulation Science

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