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VeraMorph has developed an environmentally-responsive hydrogel material capable of rapidly achieving and stabilizing drug concentrations substantially higher than their intrinsic solubility (i.e., supersaturation) due to several unique capabilities:

  1. Broad compatibility to achieve high drug loading with no chemical modification of a drug substance

  2. Templating a drug substance to form nanoparticles within the nanopores of the polymer matrix

  3. Significant shelf-life from a chemically and mechanically robust cross-linked environment 

  4. Rapid, simultaneous release of drug and solubility-enhancing polymers due to dissociative cross-linkers

  5. Amphiphilic chemistry of the polymers released after dissociation of the cross-linked network

VeraMorph's platform technology, referred to as DPODs (Dissociated Polymeric Oral Dosages), utilizes a unique mechanism of action whereby an initially chemically cross-linked polymer structure spontaneously transforms into individual polymers that are simultaneously released with the drug nanoparticles contained within the initial cross-linked structure. 


By comparison, current solubility-enhancing technologies rely on GRAS (generally recognized as safe) materials in combination with novel manufacturing processes to produce and stabilize nanocrystalline or amorphous states of drug substance. This approach is highly sensitive to structure rearrangement and segregation of the excipient and drug (API) that can destroy the microstructure required for favorable solubility enhancing performance metrics. 

Research & Development
Clinical Translation

DPODs create an optimal combination of high drug loading, fast dissolution rate, and prolonged supersaturation to transform a poorly soluble drug substance into an effective oral drug product. VeraMorph offers our expertise in applying the DPOD platform to rapidly design effective oral dosages of a given drug substance to generate pre-clinical proof of concept data. 

The drug delivery and stability performance of the DPOD platform is independent of scale. Therefore, once an oral dosage is designed using the DPOD platform, scale-up and clinical translation are rapid and low-risk operations. We recommend engaging VeraMorph as early as possible in the product lifecycle to maximize the benefits of the DPOD platform to improve and accelerate clinical translation. 

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